Bright Ideas and Brighter Futures: The Most Memorable Higher Ed Campaigns

We’ve all seen them. Those ads just stick. The ones that make you stop scrolling and think, “Wow, that’s clever!” Behind those captivating ads, there’s often a team from higher education digital advertising companies, working tirelessly to create a masterpiece. Let’s dive deep and explore a few campaigns that became the talk of the digital town.

The Snapchat Scholar Hunt
Remember the Snapchat scavenger hunt initiated by a renowned Californian university? They posted clues daily that led students around the campus to specific locations. At each stop, students found Snapcodes that, when scanned, revealed exclusive video content about the college’s history and offerings. This campaign not only drove user engagement but also familiarized potential students with the campus before they even enrolled.

The Virtual Reality Campus Tour
Another university, known for its tech-forward approach, took the virtual tour game to the next level. Instead of the usual click-through website experience, they sent VR headsets to prospective students. This allowed them to walk the halls, attend lectures, and even join campus events virtually. This immersive experience made prospective students feel like they were already part of the university community.

Instagram Stories Major Quiz
Not sure which major to choose? A New York-based university launched an Instagram Stories quiz that helped undecided students find their potential major. With a series of fun, interactive questions, students got suggestions suited to their personalities and interests. The campaign was a huge hit, not just driving engagement but also offering valuable guidance.

Hashtag Movements
We can’t talk about successful campaigns without mentioning the university that started a movement with a hashtag. #FutureLeaders showcased stories of alumni who made a mark in their respective fields. This not just instilled pride among existing students but also painted a picture of the endless possibilities awaiting prospective ones.

Interactive YouTube Webinars
Gone are the days when webinars were just a person talking in front of a camera. An Ivy League institution made waves with its interactive webinars on YouTube. Prospective students could ask questions in real time, participate in polls, and even join breakout rooms for detailed discussions about specific courses.